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Friday, 7 June 2013

Samsung launches biggest Galaxy phones in India
First impression
Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3 are big devices. But what is likely to strike a user about them is that they are still quite compact and accessible. Galaxy Mega 5.8 is especially compact when compared to most of the large screen devices from local vendors like Spice and Micromax.

In terms of size, Samsung claims that both devices are pocketable. But after checking them out we are no so sure. Both devices are too big to be carried in jeans pockets. Mega 6.3 is especially big, though it should appeal to people who have to carry a 7-inch tablet and find it too big.

The design of both devices follow the pattern set by Galaxy S4. This means, both devices are a bit squarer than Galaxy Grand or Galaxy Note II. As it is usual for a Samsung smartphone, the devices are constructed using the glossy plastic. The back covers, which have a fine-diamond pattern first seen on Galaxy S4, can be removed. However, despite plastic, the devices have been built very well and finishing appears top notch.

Mega 5.8 uses a TFT screen. It shows good and punchy colours, however, the resolution looks a tad low, especially compared to smartphones with 720P screens.

Mega 6.8 uses a super LCD screen. In terms of showing colours, the screen is good but the text and images don't look as sharp as they do on a device like Galaxy Note II.

Both devices run Android 4.2 customized with Touchwiz interface. While using the device we found the devices to have smooth and lag-free navigations. However, pinch and zoom on heavy web pages or multitasking tend to feel a little slower compared to the performance on devices like Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note II.


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