Google glass 2 Google Glass, Advantages and Disadvantages
The Search giant,Google is on the devoloping of the Next level gadget ‘Google Glass’.Google Glass is a wearable computer like a spectacles.Google created
a new display for Google Glass.Its name is Head-Mounded Display.Google Glass is devoloping on the Google X Labs.

Advantages and benefits of Google Glass

  • Google Glass is very Simple
  • Just say ‘Take a Picture’ to capture a photo.
  • We can record video using Google Glass and we can also share this through Google + ,Facebook and Twitter.
  • Google Glass shows the direction
directions on google glass Google Glass, Advantages and Disadvantages
Directions on Google Glass
  • Just talk to leave a message.
  • We can ask any question to Google Glass.Google will answer it with in seconds.
  • We can translate our language to another.
  • Google Glass is strong and Simple
  • Google glass is available on differant colours.
google glass colors Google Glass, Advantages and Disadvantages
Google Glass in Differant Colours

Disadvantages of Google Glass

  • Google Glass prices 1000$ to 5000$.It is too costly for ordinary people.
  • Google Glass is not Pocket Friendly
  • We can’t adjust the size of Google Glass.
  • There is no informations about the health problems by using Google Glass.
  • Google Glass is coming with a tiny battery.So, it lasts for 4-5 hours.
  • There is no 3G on Google Glass.So we can’t watch live videos and Youtube videos.
  • Google Glass will show advertisements.

How to get a Google Glass

Applications for Google Glass are closed now.But,the conversations is just getting started.If you would like to stay informed about Glass, you can sign up here.

How it feel through Google Glass – See this Video