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Thursday, 11 July 2013

!!!!! BACK TO BLOGGING !!!!!!

!!!!! BACK TO BLOGGING !!!!!!

What time has gone by... I can not believe it has been over two years since the last substantive entry on my blogs. After completing with several web development projects and a hiatus of over 1 year; I am getting back to Blogging to continue with my blogging journey of 7+ years, with some new and innovative blogging projects.

My FELLOW BLOGGERS and GENUINE READERS, I missed you all. This time, I am going to unveil some rarely known but the proved Blogging and SEO Techniques. For the aspirants, who are willing to learn the WordPress Plugin and Theme development, I am gonna start a series of tutorials on WordPress and Joomla core development.

The NEWBIE BLOGGERS, who have tried almost all types of techniques but still unable to make it the source of their Bread & Butter; I have something SPECIAL for you all. Be ready to learn, how to develop custom strategies for getting Blogging SUCCESS! According to your skills and niche.

A Passionate BLOGGER can't remain in inactivity for long and I have just come out of a long period of hibernation. Lets make this BLOGOSPHERE more utile, TOGETHER...


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