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Monday, 1 July 2013

Dr. Salmander - Eye specialist

Dr. Salmander - Eye specialist 

The Salmander, an amphibian, is able to completely repair its eye parts by itself! What a revolution will it be if this ability is transferred into humans! A leap it will be in ophthalmology.
The National Eye Institute (NEI) in America has started a daring research aiming at achieving this capability. Being successful in this attempt means a far-reaching and global achievemnt for humanity.
The Salmander can repair its eye parts by itself. Isn’t such a mechanism lying dormant in humans? Can’t we release the inner Salmander in us? These are tough questions. But modernscience may be able to awaken this ability and enable us to perform such self-repair methods!
What can be the distinct possibilities if scientists can attain success in this effort?
We can turn back the ageing clock in the eye so that diseases like glucoma and other retinal disorders can be delayed by ten or twenty or thirty years.
We can reprogramme the retina using stem cells and similar molecular toolboxes to develop a tissue graft to repair the eye. 
We can restore vision by opto-electronic stimulation by making the nerve cells in the eye sensitive to light so that images captured by a camera can be converted to nerve signals that are sent to the brain.
Axons from the optic nerve can be regenerated so that vision loss due to glaucoma and other disorders can be corrected and vision restored.
We can also reverse blindness of the retina by using photo-switch molecules which become active when light of certain wave lengths hits them.
Scientists are now ready to take steps in this brave venture. Let’s wish them success.


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