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Friday, 28 June 2013

Vertu TI now available in red or blue limited editions, only 1,000 of each made.

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It's been almost half a year
since Vertu launched its first-
ever Android phone, the TI , and
now the company's decided to
throw in a couple of limited

editions to lure the big
spenders. As pictured above, the
new Vertu TI Colours collection
is wrapped in either "Sunset
Red" or "Midnight Blue" calf
leather, and only 1,000 units are
made for each color. As per
typical Vertu style, there's a
unique number etched on the
back to indicate which of the
1,000 units yours is.
The rest of this hand-crafted,
matt grey titanium phone
remains unchanged otherwise,
namely its 3.7-inch tough
sapphire screen, Android 4.0,
1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon
S4, 64GB storage plus an 8-
megapixel camera. And of
course, the phone still comes
with the famed Vertu Concierge,
a "100 percent independent"
service that CEO Perry Oosting is
very proud of. To join this
exclusive club, you'll have to
somehow fork out a whopping
HK$90,000 or €8,900 (about US
$11,700) -- just a tad more
expensive than the TI Titanium
Pure Black edition, but also
more flamboyant. This author
already spotted these new
phones at Vertu's Hong Kong
Airport store, and he's currently
accepting donations.


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